Hangers and Shelves in stainless steel

  • For Trade, Home, etc. ...
  • Easy assembly.
  • Adaptable to any measure and space by joining the bars with bushes or by cutting the bars.
  • In the model of a bar you can use it to hang sausages, jewelry, etc ...
  • In the 2 or 3 bar models you can use them as a shelf for the home pantry, garage, shops, etc ...


Choose the necessary parts:

  • From 1 meter central support is advised.
  • Left, right or center support you need 1, 2 or 3 bars.
  • Number of bars of 100 cm, 75 cm. Or 50 cm.
  • Metal mesh bars for rods.
  • Plastic sleeves and screws for fastening the ends of the bars to the left and right brackets.
  • Screws necessary to attach the supports to any type of surface, be it wall, metal, etc ...

Multi-purpose hanger or shelf for use in shops or home.
Set of metal parts that hold one to three cylindrical bars.
The bars are held by means of, at least two, brackets that will be fixed on the wall. Depending on the desired length, Rods with Caps are joined together and an auxiliary support for each joint is incorporated.

Description Pieces:

  • Side and Central supports: Angular and drilled sheet. For a bar, two or three. Left and Right Hand.
  • Bar / s: Three different lengths to suit the spaces where they will be installed.
  • Threaded bushes: Thread Metric
  • Union sleeve Bar: Pressure.
  • Miscellaneous screws

Assembly instructions

Metal Design and Manufacturing

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